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If your house has stairs, one of the best ways to reduce risk is to have a bathroom on the first floor Some two-story homes, especially in certain parts of the country or in older, more established neighborhoods, have only one bathroom: upstairs, close to the bedrooms : While that made sense years ago, it also created problems for anyone who landenfajz087531 goabroadblog com 13369737 a-complete-remodeling-company-inc , had trouble climbing stairs Chair lifts can help with this, but a bathroom on the first floor is very important when you’re aging in place Run some recent comps or have your real estate agent run some comps Is there a lot of new construction in your neighborhood near your target listing price? If you’re going to be competing with brand-new homes, a brand-new bathroom may just do the trick The cost of a bathroom remodel depends heavily on the extent of the remodel For example, a low-end bath refresh cosmetic upgrades, like cool new towel bars and a clean new coat of paint might drain only a few hundred dollars from your savings account Replacing or refacing a few items, like the toilet, vanity and medicine cabinet will see the disappearance of a few thousand kitchen remodel keeping old cabinetsBecause they are the epicenter of our daily and celebratory lives, kitchens are one of the most popular choices for remodeling projects in the home – and it’s easy to see why Given that it’s prime real andresslcq643198 elbloglibre com 12083373 cost-to-finish-basement-ceiling , estate in the home, remodeling a kitchen will always add value to the home by up to an estimated 30 percent, according to recent surveys – probably more zanderqoet087543 onzeblog com 12101433 fireplace-remodel-contractors-near-me , than any other single-room remodel And you can squeeze a few more percentage points if you have culinary talent and tailor your kitchen to accentuate those skills But it is not a project to be taken lightly Save money: Theres no denying that a kitchen remodel gets pricey, quickly If youre trying to remodel on a budget, then you have the option of keeping your old cabinets That will save you a lot of money in the long run bathroom repair and remodel near meWant to Finish Your Home's basement?HIRE SURE-FIX REMODELING FOR BASEMENT FINISHING SERVICES Before we discuss small bathroom remodel costs, we should try to learn why people have issues with small bathrooms As you likely have guessed globalgreeninitiative com community profile janiryder798588 , already, the main problem here is the lack of space Most small bathrooms comprise a toilet, tub, and standard single vanity crammed devils wilde mx discussion profile wgtantony094983 into a tiny space For this reason, it can be quite uncomfortable and suffocating Schedule My Complimentary Consultation A small to full bathroom remodel costs $2,500 to $15,000, while a master bath or custom r


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