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Fern, Bug & Baby

Fernando and Lydia are probably two of my favorite people ever. They are down to earth and have a love for the Lord that shows in how they interact with each other and everyone else. I first met them as a COUPLE when I had the chance to photograph their wedding. And since then I've been drooling over how adorable these two humans are.

When they had announced they were expecting and then asked if I was able to do their maternity photos of course I said "HECK YES!" And when I found out they wanted to do them in their newly renovated school bus turned tiny house, I literally did a happy scream and jumped around my living room in excitement. Yes, I'm a crazy. But you guys, this is what dreams are made of! So, enough with the chitchat and on to the magic that ensued...

I present to you, Fern, Bug & Baby bump in a bus!

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