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Bellingham, WA | Indie Bridal Session

Let's talk about the lie that every wedding or elopement has to be "pretty" and traditional.

It's not true. Pretty to one person might be something different to the other. My favorite sessions, weddings & elopements have ALWAYS been the ones that aren't what you might expect. It's the fun, quirky, out of the box ones. The ones that show off my clients interests and personalities. When you put YOU into your day it's just that much more special. And I'm going to state that doesn't mean those Pinterest worthy sessions aren't amazing as well, I mean I dig them too, but never be afraid to be different than other people. This Bridal session is an example of the types of sessions that fill my photography cup. The ones that make me pumped to be a part of. Because the weird and different is more me than not. I've always been told I have a weird sense of style. I find inspiration from 80's/90's grunge. I also have an obsession with 90's alternative rock bands. Any other Third-Eye-Blind fans? No, just me. Okay. For this session I wanted to just play. Help show my clients it's okay to get a little dirty. Sit your bum on the ground. Wear your well worn in combat boots. Hat's are ALWAYS a good idea! Dress: Saldana Vintage rented through Rooted & Revived Model: Tuesday Hanson Location: Commercial St Parking Garage in Bellingham, WA

Photography & Styling: Ashley Hayes Photography

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